Shadow Mastery


Alpa Kapadia Teli

Transformational Coach

CEO, Ignite The Spark

I Have a Question For You!

How would things change for you if you could show up unapologetically in your life and business?

Would It Help You...

Finally become a charismatic leader and confidently talk about things you want to
Attract excited-to-buy clients to your offers because people just love your energy
Fall in love with yourself because you’re now leveraging your full potential and there are no regrets whatsoever

Here’s What I Know About You:

As a Leader and a visionary, you’re determined to do whatever it takes. I love that about you!
I know you dream about leaving a legacy.
You want to travel the world, absorbing the unique beauty of each place.
You want to be a thought leader that you are, in your field, to be recognized for your contribution.
You want to live a life making 5 figures doing what you love,
You want to do all this without compromising on your self-care and your family.

But Right Now, You’re Not Where You Desire To Be

  • 01

    Despite investing substantial time and money in personal development, something seems to be eluding you. You are not getting the results others seem to get so easily.
  • 02

    You are putting in the effort, trying to be visible, but somehow, you don’t seem to attract the right clients (ones who are ready to work with you).
  • 03

    You know you don’t have that commanding presence that turns heads as you enter the room, but you have the potential to have it.
  • 04

    Every time you try to make an effort to do something your heart wants, a crisis comes up and drags you down.
  • 05

    You seem to sabotage yourself just before the results you want are about to come through.

Can You Think of The Reasons?

No, it’s not because you’re not capable of becoming a leader in your niche and serving your dream clients.
The reality is…
Right now, your limiting shadow patterns are running your life (and business).

And until these Shadows clog your system, the Magic of Manifestation will always elude you and you’ll keep playing small (despite trying hard to create a different reality).

So If...

You feel anxious almost all the time, especially around things you can’t control
You keep feeling exhausted even if you’re not actively doing any work
Your body hurts from all the emotional weight you’re carrying
You keep questioning your self-worth and your ability to stand out

'It is scarier for a man to look within his soul, than for a warrior to go to war! '

Take A Moment And Imagine...

You feel all powerful, as you accept all parts of you and less energy is needed in keeping secrets.
You finally voice your Big Vision and dream and start taking action to fulfill it.
Your life has abundance, flow, ease and magic as you start clearing your shadows and start listening in to your intuition.
You wake up with joy and sleep with gratitude and contentment that comes from living a life that is aligned with your life purpose.
You have greater compassion, authenticity, calmness and wholeness.

Then Shadow Mastery Is What You Need

An 8 week Group Coaching Program to help you go from underachieving to becoming an unstoppable Leader and Coach and have consistent 5-figure months.
This program will help you bring those dark shadows to consciousness and shine the light of truth on them, so you can finally turn your magnificent dreams and desires into a living, breathing reality.

Let Me Help You Make Peace With Your Shadows And Experience The Freedom You Damn Well Deserve!

Here is what you get

6 Deep Dive Modules to understand shadow work.

Practical tools and techniques to actually do the work.

Secrets to harnessing the power of the light Archetypes.

Guided Visualisation for embodying light Archetypes.

Learn shadow alchemy and Manifestation through Archetypes.

Let Me Help You Make Peace With Your Shadows And Experience The Freedom You Damn Well Deserve!

Here is what you get

6 Deep Dive Modules to understand shadow work.

Practical tools and techniques to actually do the work.

Secrets to harnessing the power of the light Archetypes.

Guided Visualisation for embodying light Archetypes.

Learn shadow alchemy and Manifestation through Archetypes.

Here’s The Program Breakdown For You:



( Deep Dive + Workbook )

Channel of your own value & worth.
Deep dive to hunt and kill shadows that you have around your own self-worth and desires.


( Deep Dive + Workbook )

This module helps you get clarity on your identity and dreams.
You learn to embody the sovereign and make decrees.


( Deep Dive + Workbook )

The Excuses Demolisher Module. Eradicator of Victim Consciousness.
This module helps you embody the fearless warrior archetype.


( Deep Dive + Workbook )

This module dives into finding shadows around judgments & logic, reason and analysis paralysis.
Invoke the magician – the MASTER MANIFESTER making dreams to reality

Benefits of Shadow Work

This Program Helps You Manifest What Matters To You Into Matter !

Shadow alchemy and Manifestation through Archetypes

Break The Pattern

Oh hey! My Name is Alpa Kapadia Teli and I am an Inner Transformation Catalyst and a Shadow Mastery Expert

I offer a wide variety of modalities and tools to help Leaders & Coaches go from where they are to where they would like to be, earning fabulously by doing what they love and leaving a legacy.

I offer Holistic Transformation, which includes work at the intellectual , emotional and spiritual level. I help people transform their own ENERGY and the relationship with themselves and with wealth & help them OPEN up to receiving so that they can Manifest their dreams effortlessly. People in Shadow Mastery have gone from earning less than 1k a month to unlocking 5 figure months. They’ve attracted Job Opportunities that give them a 50% hike for doing the work that they LOVE. They’ve walked out of toxic relationships and attracted lovers who they’re wildly happy with.

Featured in:

Meet the Ones Who Have Gone Through
The Journey of Shadow Mastery

I was first introduced to shadow mastery in a short session when Alpa was a guest speaker for the Association of Mumbai Coaches. The concept intrigued me. I was amazed at the insights I gained in this short session and decided to explore it further with Alpa in a structured coaching session.
It was an eye opening experience for me. I learned so much about myself and my behavior patters. Often times we don’t know why we behave in a certain manner and struggle to break out of a behavior that we know is detrimental to our progress.
Thanks to Alpa I can now read into my own behavior, understand my triggers, know how to work on reversing such behaviors and most importantly I’m so much more comfortable & confident in my skin.

I’d strongly recommend Alpa’s program to anyone looking at redirecting the course of their life!
Deepam Yogi
Founder – Yellow Spark
Strategic HR Advisors
I attended Alpa's Shadow Mastery program twice in 2021 - once in January and again in October.
The program helped me reconnect with parts of myself that I had disconnected with. It helped me re-ignite self love and start paying attention to my desires and ways of living that made me whole and complete, thus helping me live to my purpose and potential.
Understanding shadows and corresponding light archetypes have made me more aware of my own triggers and then alchemizing them for growth and confidence.
Alpa has done deep work in shadow mastery and I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of self, leading to clarity and confidence in living life!
Deepa Chandrasekaran
Coach, Author & Keynote speaker
Career Acceleration Expert
My quest to meet myself was the purpose with which I signed up with Alpa's signature offering of Shadow Mastery program .
My journey with Alpa being my coach, was full of discovering my past patterns and breaking my self-imposed barriers that came in my own way of progress . I saw a shift in the way I use to relate to myself as weak and not good enough to gracefully accepting myself with my strengths and weakness . ' *Rakhi meeting Rakhi ' is a fulfilling achievement. Started embracing my me time at an elevated level, removing self-inflected shadows with the light of self-love and making life shine with its true light is the path I will be constantly on with ,thanks to Alpa .

Acknowledge Alpa for holding that space for her coaches to see the unseen path .
Rakhi Lahoti
Director – Mainstream Technologies
The Shadow Mastery Program by Ignite the Spark is a life transforming program. I started consciously working on myself by myself, since the last few years to enhance my already good life and work.
I met Alpa in a women's community and in her Radiant Rise FB community. Always watched her videos and read her posts and was happy to see her taking her work one notch above. What touched me was her absolute transparency, passion in her work, and her mission. Her eyes sparkle with honesty and look right at you, smiling. She is an extremely positive person, a super trainer and a Master of Shadow Mastery.
Shadow Mastery as a subject always intrigued me. I am a Brand and Creative Strategist, an independent consultant. I have always had it pretty good in life and work. But Shadow Mastery made me feel, what if there is something better? I am ambitious, a go- getter and a believer in ' You can make it happen'. So, I had to take this program! The program is excellent. Period. It takes you through your life journey and makes you understand what shadows are. And how you can work on them to make life better! It makes you aware and I think therein lies the key to unlocking your potential, which only you can unlock.
Alpa is a fantastic catalyst and if you were to choose that one program to unlock your potential, this should be the one! 🙂
Sonali Brahma
Brand and Creative Strategist, an independent consultant
This program has been an amazing and deeply profound experience. Since the course, I have been able to understand my triggers in a new light, I have been able to alchemize my shadows, have seen shifts in many areas of my life. I have also been able to connect with myself in a way that I could not before. While I still have many shadows, I have the courage and the tools now to continue to work on myself.
I would highly recommend Alpa as well as the shadow mastery course conducted by her. Alpa is an awe-inspiring person and brilliant at what she does. Her feedback is deeply insightful and also gives action items to help you break these patterns. Thank you Alpa, for taking me on this beautiful journey, for your loving presence and guidance, the sacred holding space where we could be just as we were, and meet ourselves without any judgment. Words can't express my gratitude and the value this course has brought to my life.
Thank you so much!
Niharika Anant
Therapist & Counsellor
"Alpa is magic. She made a complex subject easy, deep, sharp and personal all at the same time. She held the space with the group and was cued into each person at an intimate level. For me, she helped bring to light that which lay hidden deep within. She has helped catalyze a journey of change in a whole new direction. Her authenticity shone through along with her passion for igniting change in each individual. She has been a better friend to me than most, by giving me the nudges that I really need. I walked away knowing that she is in my corner, even in such a short time."
Nitisha Adya
Vice-President, Talent Strategy @ Accenture
I attended Alpa’s Shadow Mastery workshop earlier this year, prompted to do so by her enthusiasm and passion for the topic, and a certain gut feeling that I should be part of it. I loved the entire workshop, it was well structured, delivered in a way which was manageable for those with full time jobs and commitments, and gave really deep insight into the self. Shadow Mastery is a powerful tool which can help create truly transformational change for all of us who are stuck in our endless patterns and living limited lives thanks to our inability to make the shifts we need to achieve our true potential. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who wants to do deeper work and benefit from Alpa’s clarity and wisdom.
Heather Gupta
Head – Culture & Engagement,
White Hat Jr.
I did the Shadow Mastery course with Alpa. The shadow work has helped me

• Set boundaries with myself and my family, freeing up 3 hours a day of my time and mental space
• Cut out drama from my life and reignite my inner power
• Clarity on my goals and dreams
• It blew apart my self-limiting beliefs
• Re-ignited in me the courage to think big. I have started offering packages which are 5x-10x of what I used to offer
• Helped me break free from societal conditioning and become more of who I really am
• I have become a better coach and I am able to give more to my clients and help them better. I highly recommend Shadow Mastery with Alpa as she holds this space with love for you to encounter your shadows and beautifully helps you get rid of them. Loads of power to you Alpa ❤️

Shraddha Subramanian
Executive & Leadership Coach
Intuitive Expert & Author
"The Shadow Mastery course with Alpa was something I had never imagined. I didn't even know a concept of Shadow existed. Loved the way Alpa took us through the journey of self-discovery by digging deep into our past and coming out so light and learning how to handle our emotions. I have stopped pleasing people and started being more of who I am.

I am now able to set boundaries and manage conflict with confidence. I speak up for myself without worrying what others think. I have been able to break – free of societal conditioning and become the person I always was.

Read more... Helped me prioritise myself and my well-being.The course along with the Career transition course I did with Alpa, gave me the clarity, courage and confidence to apply for and get selected to a premier B School, (after being on maternity sabbatical for a few years) and got a job I love.

I absolutely recommend this course to anyone wanting to make sense of how they feel and think and react."
Aditi Niraj Jalan
Consultant – Illinois Business Consulting

Ruchika Garg

Psychospiritual Therapist & Coach,
Founder of Consciousjiva

Deepa Mahesh

Founder – Poorna Wellbeing,
Leadership & Life Coach

Shraddha S

Intuitive Business Coach
Best Selling Author

Havovi Patel

Leadership & Life Coach
Reach for the Stars

Sudeep Sharma

Dy. General Manager, HR Head for
IMDC India & Bangladesh

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